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2.6 Format information

Format information includes error correcting level and mask pattern indicator in 15 bit long.
First 2 bit are error correcting level in below table.

error correcting levelindicator

We select "10" in example data.


In next 3 bit, we put mask pattern indicator which is selected in previous section.

10 011

We put error correcting data which is Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem(BCH)(15,5) in right 10 bit.

First, polynomial F(x) which coefficients are above 5 bit and x10 times is divided by below G(x).

In example data,5 bit data is "10011" and F(x) is below. F(x)=x14+x11+x10

divide by G(x)....

Remainder R(x)=x8+x7+x6+x

So we get result as 10011 0111000010

Finally,we calculate exclusive logical sum "101010000010010" and above result to avoid that result data is not all 0.

Format information is "001100111010000".

We put results in number of below figure. (left side of bit data is upper bit[14]. )

format information of QRcode

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