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Feature of RStacker

The feature of this program are as follows:
To create master dark file and master flat file.
To subtract master dark.
To aplpy flat fielding.
To composite files in various way (average, median, max, min etc)

All calculation is computed in RAW data (Not demosaic).
This program reads RAW files, and outputs RAW files.

System requirements

Windows OS (Tested by Windows 7 (x64))
.net framework 2.0 or higher runtime

This program requires so much memory if you choose the algorithm like median.
This program supports multi-thread, and many core CPU could run this program faster.

Supported format
Uncompressed DNG (DNG 1.3)

Experimental support : CR2(tested by EOS 600D and EOS 1100D) RAF(partially support)(tested by X-M1 and X-E2)

Reference Documents
How to get the raw data from CR2 format.
How to get the raw data from RAF format.(Japanese page)


RStacker manual (Japanese page)

This program's setup includes a utility program called "DNG Converter Launcher".
This is a front-end program for adobe DNG Converter to add various information to its filename.


RStacker Dev. Blog (Japanese page)



RStacker ver. (2020/1/2)

For Mono

RStacker ver 0.6.3 (old version)

RStacker ver 0.6.2 (old version)

RStacker ver 0.6.1 (old version)

RStacker ver 0.6.0 (old version)

RStacker ver 0.5.2 (old version)

experimental program


(c) 2014 Y.Swetake( all rights reserved.


RStacker is a free software. You can use this software with NO WARRANTY.