Setting up my weather station - Preparing -

last update:2012-Dec-30
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2. Preparing a weather station

I unpack my package and I checked whether all items I had ordered was.... OK, #6152C,#6510SER and #7717 were there.
Package of Vatage Pro2
When I unpacked top of package of #6152C, it was printed on inner package how to pull out devices , and I took out them accordingly.

The ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite) was larger than I had expected. I compared it with 500ml PET bottles and 350ml can.

I started to set up according to Installation manual.
First I set up anemometer. I assembled a vane part , a wind cup part and a base part. Then I fixed on signal wire onto the base part with zig-zagging. For checking later, I temporarily connected signal wire from anemometer with the connector in SIM (Sensor Interface Module) . Next I removed the rain collector, I cut band to fix tipping bucket. Then, the small part was fitted into the bucket arm for changing minimum unit from 0.1 inch to 0.2 mm. I put rain collector back.

Console and ISS were connected with signal wire, and console was plugged power line from AC Adaptor. I checked whether console worked fine.... OK,it looked like fine.

All connectors was unplugged ,and I started to install ISS outside.

My first difficulty was to wire outside into inside.
I used a hole for pipe of air conditioner

Next I tried to install ISS.
Since I have no parts, budgets and skills, to install above roof, ISS was installed our balcony. Unfortunately wind of this place will be affected by our house, and it will not be accurate value.
I reused CS antenna base pole to install ISS. In Japan, inch unit parts are not popular, and this antenna base pole is 32mm diameter pipe. I connected this antenna base part with #7717 pole, and fixed ISS.
Weather Station
I completed to install ISS.

I'd like to install anemometer at higher place someday.
Finally the console was connected signal wire from ISS and AC Adaptor. I set up my condition,and exited setup menu. Current weather condition was displayed on the console. It worked fine!

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