Setting up my weather station 1 - Purchasing -

last update:2012-Dec-30
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0. Introduction

Exact weather forecast is important, for whether or not able to take photos of deep-sky (Taking photos of deep sky is my hobby).
Although I have a license of certified meteorologist (Japan), I don't have an enough ability to accurately forecast future weather for my purposes.
So I think that my weather station should be set up in my home because I need more study.
The appearance of my weather station is as below

1. Purchasing my weather station

In Japan, Market size of weather forecast device is very small, and we cannot buy it inexpensive.

On the other hand, in US ,they can buy these device from under 10,000 yen for a lot of demands.
So I think I should import a weather station from US, since I use this for hobby use (not professional use) which do not need short MTTR.
However we have a big matter to use these.
These almost inexpensive weather station devices use radio-frequency transmission for communicating between outside device and inside device. Then, in Japan, for law limit we cannot use radio devices which is not certified by agency . In fact we can hardly use these inexpensive devices for law limit, even if we can import these.
For this reason, I bought cabled weather station which do not have radio such as following.

Davis Instruments
・#6152C  Cabled Vantage Pro2 Weather Station
・#6510SER Davis WeatherLink Computer Interface
・#7717   Davis Mounting Pole Kit

I ordered these at a shop in NJ by internet on Dec. 2. I selected "USPS Priority Mail International" which is the most inexpensive as delivery way. Grand total was about 50,000yen ($585). I received these on Dec 19. It took 16 days.

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