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What is ARPLA?

ARPLA is a utility program for recording AVI files of planet images using DirectX based camera.
ARPLA has a several functions such as following.

For coming into view

Contrast emphasis

For focusing

Composite preview
Differential filter

For better configuration of USB Camera

Histgram of Brightness
Colormap of Brightness

Output AVI Files in the specified time with/without compress filter. (Some compress filter does not work well.)

ARPLA is a freesoftware. You can use this software with no warranty.

System requirements

WindowsOS (WindowsXP/Vista/7)
.net framework 2.0 or higher runtime
DirectX9.0 or higher
DirectX based web camera
(Automatic configuration camera is not suitable.)

Tested Camera

Logicool Qcam E3500
Celestron NexImage
The Imaging Source DFK21AU04.AS

Tested lossless codec

UT Video Codec suite (x86,x64)
Lagarith (x86 only)
Huffyuv MT (x86 only)


Manual (Japanese Page)

Blog for this program

Blog (Japanese Page)


Installer package

ARPLA ver. 0.5.6 (2013, Feb 2nd)

ARPLA ver (2012, Sep 18th)

ARPLA ver 0.5.4 (2012, May 4th)